The Agriturismo Tenuta Di Pieve A Celle Holiday Farm Estate is located in the Tuscan hills and offers its guests a chance to spend their vacation in a gracious environment where they can also enjoy works of art and love for all that is beautiful.


Food lovers will not be disappointed in front of the tasty Tuscan dishes prepared by Fiorenza.

The Exteriors

All around a ten-hectare wood, where you can stroll and enjoy the benefits of nature and rest, dominates the landscape.

The Interiors

Inside the house you can enjoy the extensive private collection of works of art, in addition to the well-stocked library and the extensive collection of Fusion Jazz, Classical, New Age, Ambient music and more.


Art & Design

One of the most essential elements of the atmosphere at Pieve A Celle Holiday Farm Estate is expressed through the various pieces on display belonging to the Estate’s owner, the artist Cesare Saccenti.


Whether you are an art lover, a nature and relaxation buff or an art aficionado, this city has many activities and tourist attractions to offer that will make your holiday exciting and unique: there are monuments, landscapes and a quality of life that can only be defined as incomparable.

About Us

On their arrival at the Tenuta di Pieve a Celle, guests will find not only the Saccenti family to host them, but also the warmth and the sweetness of Olga and Viola, the two lovable Golden Retriever, mascots of the farm holidays.