Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle Tenuta di Pieve a Celle

In a hilly area 3 kilometres from Pistoia, and close to Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena. Teh estate of Pievea Celle  invites you to savour the pleasures of life in Tuscany.  Between the old gateway and the house there is an atmospheric cypress avenue.
Around the house are lime trees, oaks and old cedars of Lebanon in a spacious and impressive garden. This is a typical Tuscan estate house of 1850, of simple construction with many delightful details. On arrival, you will be welcomed by Fiorenza, or another family member, with hot coffee or a cool drink, whilst the golden retriever, July and Olga, will greet you with melting eyes, tempting you to take a walk in  the splendid woods of the estate.
The panorama is one that you will not forget, and the surroundings inspire contentment.
The proprietors are delighted to offer guests the use of their library and of their music collection.
There is a wide selection of books on ancient and contemporary art, gardening, furnishing and interior design, and African art (with several fascinating examples around the house).   There is a wide choice of music in various categories: fusion jazz, classical, new age, ambient music, etc.
There is a beautiful big swimming pool for residents in a commanding position near the house, with fantastic views of the surrounding and woodland.   There is also a large wooden solarium, and a hospitable gazebo for  your siesta.
There are only five bedrooms, each with private bathroom, air conditioning, heating and tv.
Residents are invited to stay for dinner during the week (Sundays excluded) for which they should make a booking at breakfast-time.
Fiorenza will cook for you, and the varied menu extends beyond traditional Tuscan cuisine, making use of our own
extra-virgin olive oil and other organic products from the large estate garden. 
There are many small restaurants and wine bars to discover in the historic centre of Pistoia.